Monday, April 11, 2011

Interlude: Chiller

A fan of WPIX's creature feature Chiller created this -- it's a clever reconstruction of a mid-70's broadcast of the show, featuring The Crawling Eye (1958), a movie starring the supernaturally beautiful Janet Munro (oh, and Forrest Tucker was in it too).

The reconstruction comes complete with bumpers and commercials from the era.

Clever idea, eh? It's nicely done, too, but (if I may be a bit obsessive here) the commercials are from national ad campaigns which were unlikely to air late at night (at least here in the Twin Cities; perhaps in New York it was different). Horror Incorporated fans may recall spots for local advertisers -- TV dealers and waterbed retailers and heating & air conditioning installers.

If you remember any of them, let me know. For right now, I'll stick with the movies.


kochillt said...

Bill "Chilly Billy" Cardille and his webmaster John Buriak sell DVDs of original CHILLER THEATER shows, leaving out the movies of course. All of the commercials are included, plus the special material conceived by Cardille, but what I particularly like about them is that they include the last few movie moments before and after the station breaks, so you know where they cut for commercials.

Uncle Mike said...

That's brilliant. Maybe I'll check out the Chiller Theater site and order a copy.

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