Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Interlude: Alien Invasion: Films From Another World!

If you're reading this blog (and I suppose you are), that means you have a love for old horror films. Well, have I got news for you. Our good friends at All-Star Video and Take-Up Productions have arranged a special treat: three classic alien invasion films, screened at the Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery in Minneapolis!

First up is The Blob (1958), 86 minutes of rompin' stompin' alien-on-the-loose action, as a gloppy piece of extraterrestrial protoplasm acquires a taste of human flesh and goes on a rampage across a small Pennsylvania town. It features a young Steve McQueen in the lead role.  The Blob screens Wednesday, September 10 at the Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery in Minneapolis (this is the cemetery at the corner of Lake and Cedar). The show begins at dusk.

On Wednesday, September 24, it's Plan 9 From Outer Space, everyone's favorite worst movie. From Take-Up Production's description:

Chatty, badly-dressed aliens want to take over the Earth - but which of their cunning plans should be deployed? How about Plan 9, which involves an army of radio-controlled army of zombies and vampires? Ed Wood's jaw-droppingly awful production is legendary for its laughable dialogue, dreadful acting and hapless special effects.

Finally on October 8, we have The Thing From Another World (the only one of the three to have been seen on Horror Incorporated). This one involves the hunt for a homicidal monster on the loose in an arctic research station! It's a slam-bang horror film, one of the best ever made, and I will definitely be there. I hope you can make it.


Uncle Mike said...

The September 10 screening of THE BLOB was cancelled due to inclement weather. It's been rescheduled for Wednesday, September 17.

kochillt said...

You were lucky, the only one shown on Pittsburgh's Chiller Theater was PLAN 9! (I didn't care because I wanted to see Lugosi's last film).

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